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Uses and Limitations

The app was developed in the resource-poor world where the great majority of epileptic seizures are convulsive so it is particularly good at picking these up. It will also detect about 50% of non-convulsive seizures.

In general an app probability score of > 80 almost always indicates an episode being epileptic and an app probability of < 30 usually indicates it not being epileptic.

Intermediate app probabilities (31-79) are much less frequent _ about one eighth of patients - and these need further evaluation by a doctor with some experience of epilepsy.

Users however need to be aware that there is no clinical method to detect epileptic seizures with 100% accuracy in any situation and this app is no exception.

The app has not been tested on children under 9 years old and should NOT be used in this population.

The app may not be so accurate if it is used in populations where the causes of non-epileptic episodes are different from the population from which the app was derived.